Gold Stream Salmon Run

Victoria MW E3-0668

Once a year the Salmon from the Pacific Ocean travel all the way along  the rivers of Vancouver Island to Goldstream Park. What the Salmon are doing is returning to the place where they were born to spawn future generations and to end their lives. It is quite a marvelous thing to see! 

I had never seen salmon before and didn’t realize how large these fish actually are until I visited the run. These fish are also very strong since they need to be able to swim up stream. Naturally it can get quite smelly because of all the dead and rotten salmon during the salmon. If you go earlier in the season it is not so bad and you will be able to spend hours viewing and photographing without being engulfed in a pungent dead fish smell.

Have you ever been to a salmon run?

Victoria MW E3-0875

Seagulls Battling Over Salmon