Edmonton Black Capped Chickadee

Recently I have been doing some digging around in my archived files from only a year ago, which is basically from when I started seriously photographing wildlife, and oh boy has my photography come a long way! I used to think that photographing wildlife was such an easy thing to do for one simple reason, nature is the way nature is and you can’t change it. Looking back I didn’t fully understand what makes a great nature photograph I just knew what was pretty and what wasn’t. Now I understand the importance of going out when the lighting is the best, positioning yourself correctly, and getting to know the animals you are photographing. There are still many things for myself to learn about wildlife and photographing them but it is just exciting to think about what I now understand.

Throughout all of my old collections Chickadees seemed to be on of my favorite subjects. Chickadees are not an uncommon bird in our neck of the woods but that doesn’t take away from how cute and full of character they are. I have posted photos of chickadees before but I think that these recent images have to be some of my favorites. They are favorites mainly because of the beautiful back lighting. The Chickadees were being so cooperative and posing directly in the golden evening light. I think they might have been moving a bit slower than usual thanks to the -25°C weather. Photographing in the harshest temperatures and weather always seems to produce the most beautiful results.

Edmonton Black Capped Chickadee

A Chickadee praying for warmer weather

February 4, 2014 (Backlit) Low Res Logo-0182

“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.”