Baby Saw Whet Owls

Over the winter time my boyfriend, Zac, and I had the opportunity to go and help to band some owls. Banding was an amazing experience because we were face to face with some of the most beautiful birds in Alberta. Yesterday we were invited by the same professional “bander” to come out and see some of the baby Saw Whet Owls he is currently studying. For real?!!

Saw Whet Owls are one of the smallest owls in the world and for this reason one of my favorites…so as you can image I was very excited. Of course around the babies I had to be calm, but inside of my head I was jumping and squealing with excitement. I have spent many hours looking for owls and in particular the Saw Whets. It is nearly impossible to find them in the wild since they are so small it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I understood that I may not get an opportunity like this again and that many people in the world may never get this opportunity. I am so thankful for this once in a lifetime experience!

If you come across a family of babies animal whether it is a rabbit, bird, or squirrel – please do not bother or touch them. I was with a professional who is licensed and very educated on owls and knows the limits of their safety.

The Oldest Of The Babies And At About Full Grown Size.

I have really missed my blog and sharing all of my photos with everyone! I have decided that as of today I want to do at least two posts a week – one on Monday and one on Friday. I have some very cool things coming up for you guys. Such as photos from the most beautiful spots in B.C., adorable baby animals(like these adorable Saw Whets), an inside look at different wedding cultures, photos from my upcoming trip to the Philippines, and whatever other adventures I may end up on! Stay posted and I promise you will not be disappointed.