What The Truck!?

I was impressed by the recent What The Truck?! event that was held here in Edmonton. It was not the food that impressed since every truck seemed to carry the same variety of food which consisted of a sandwich or a wrap, maybe a cool drink, fries, and dessert. What really did impress me was the crowd and line-ups!

Food trucks have become quite the sensation in Canada. Although Edmonton doesn’t have many food trucks, there is a pretty big demand for them, but not enough people running them. So I guess the result of an event featuring food trucks drove foodies to the Edmonton core in the hopes of some new foods. I personally didn’t try anything but I hope the attendants were all impressed!

Low Res WhatTheTruck-0026

What do you think about these outrageous lines at a recent What The Truck?! event held here in Edmonton? Would you have stuck around in the hopes of trying an amazing new sandwich, fries, or dessert?