Baby Goslings

I promised more babies last week, so here is the next cuties up on the docket. Goslings! No, not Ryan Gosling babies…

Awhile ago Canadian Geese(for my international viewers, this link to a Canadian Goose Wiki) were actually having difficulty keeping their population levels up, so a ban was put up to protect these feisty birds and their goslings. Now there populations are at such extremes that their poop is actually polluting some water bodies. Almost every pond and “lake” around Edmonton is currently occupied at least a few geese. 

Personally I really like geese. They are generally fearless, large birds, with very cute babies! Of course I had to get some photographs of their adorable babies and it is always a treat to hear their little peeps and to watch them explore this new world.

I absolutely love this shot of a gosling running off. I think we both surprised each other. He must of been hanging out and the grasses where I didn’t notice him and I am not sure if he noticed me at first. You can bet though, once he noticed me he ran off in a bit of a panic! Also, look at those tiny wings!

 Baby Gosling