Down to Mystic Beach

Driving throughout BC is so incredible. The forest is so lush and huge! There are so many trees around but everywhere you go it is new. Yesterday we went on a 2 km hike… Continue reading

B.C. Mountains

With picture after picture being taken on my vacation in the gorgeous British Columbia, this has to be my favorite. This mountain is the view from a beach you come to after a hike in… Continue reading

Tea Please!

Mmm tea, This photo was taken in a little hole in the attic tea shop in Calgary. The little shop was filled with crates as display cases and had the aroma of freshly… Continue reading


Bees and wasps are one of my biggest fears! Me trying to take a photo of one is a funny situation. I get as close as I can while it isn’t flying and then the moment it… Continue reading

Calgary Peacock

When I got my new 60D I was stoked to find out that one of the first chances to try it out would be at the Calgary Zoo. One of the most beautiful… Continue reading

Marvelous Mayfly

When I was younger I told told my mom that my ultimate dream job would be a bug photographer. In a sense it sounds kind of silly. Lately it does not feel to… Continue reading

You Are Loved

Graffiti is super awesome! Sometimes it can make a city look like garbage. Edmonton is already a pretty junky city. So when I see street art that has a positive message to it,… Continue reading

Baby Ducks!

After waiting a while, I finally got the chance to get down to see these little baby ducks! This photos tells the story itself. Follow this recipe: 1. Give everything you’ve got 2.… Continue reading

Mutated Gerber

This freak of nature is such a good example of how nothing can be perfect. The Gerber is still beautiful. It is super cool and unique. Do you think it deals with confidence… Continue reading

Morning Coffee

Refraining from drinking coffee for the past couple of weeks has turned out to be pretty simple. After a long night of tossing and turning a cup of nice dark coffee was needed. Sometimes… Continue reading

Tree Hugger

Zac was determined to get a beautiful shot of the downtown Edmonton area. I went on this venture with him. I was not so inspired by downtown but rather entertained by the fact… Continue reading

Sylvan Lake, Canada

I had an awesome weekend at Sylvan Lake, Alberta. We did some hiking and this path was so incredible. The roots create a pretty staircase like effect that leads you down to the… Continue reading

Purple Allium

Here is one of my favorite flowers, a Purple Allium. They come in many colors. This strain is by far the most brilliant, in my opinion. If you ever get the chance to… Continue reading

Zac, my love, loving life.

Edmonton is an industrial city with a bad rap for not being the most beautiful, but the river valley is a little hidden gem. In the warm spring air with the buckbrush shrubs… Continue reading

Hello World.

I love life and here you will see why. My belief is that photographs are the best way to describe the beauty of the world; Hello World