Bird Doc Series – Pileated Woodpecker

I have started a video new project that I am calling Bird Docs. The purpose of these videos will be to inform people about backyard birds and how you can attract them to… Continue reading

Gold Stream Salmon Run

Once a year the Salmon from the Pacific Ocean travel all the way along  the rivers of Vancouver Island to Goldstream Park. What the Salmon are doing is returning to the place where… Continue reading


One afternoon during our trip in Victoria we took a stroll along a beach. I was kept company by a sweet little 6 year old girl who was filled with energy. She was… Continue reading

Driftwood Trees

Zac and I were both running around a beach in Parksville, B.C. trying to get photos of the flocks of shore birds. We ran into two problems though. The first one being that… Continue reading

Landscapes Of Victoria

The amazing thing about being on Vancouver island is that getting to the ocean is never a problem. You are literally at the most a two hour drive away from a beach. So… Continue reading

Birds of Victoria

Victoria is located in Canada’s only rain forest. Since it is a rain forest they get a ton of birds.  I love bird watching so naturally I was excited to get photograph all… Continue reading

Victoria Road Trip

My next few posts are going to follow my week long road trip adventure to Victoria, B.C. If you have never been – this next week of post will give you a good… Continue reading

Star Budgies

Most of the bird watching I tend to do is outside. Occasionally I turn my attention to our two skiddish budgies. Their names are Chipper(in the blue) and Daisy(in the green). They are so… Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

In Canada many people spend the whole summer dreading the first snowfall. I think a lot of us have forgetten about how beautiful snow really is. We forget that many people do not… Continue reading

Snowshoe Hare

It seems like every person has an animal that they have a hard time catching on camera, if you are trying. For me that animal is the snowshoe hare. Although I have managed… Continue reading

Unusual Model

If you know me, you know I am an animal lover. Squirrels are no exception to that. They are actually one of my favorite wild animals. Squirrels are so full of character and… Continue reading

This Girl Is On Fire

I have a confession. My career as a photographer all started when I was a teenager taking “selfies” in the bathroom. Thankfully I have progressed from taking the embarrassing bathroom “selfie” to what… Continue reading


Hey Everyone! Zac and I have been working on a big project for the past month or so and we are very excited to finally have released our new website and brand. We… Continue reading

Photographers vs. Photo Editors

Before digital photography there was film. Because film was expensive and less convenient there were fewer photographers. Now, you can’t turn the corner without someone saying they are a photographer. But I often wonder if… Continue reading

Wild Bush and the Wasp

I recently visited some of my boyfriends family in a small town called Penhold in Southern Alberta. Since the town is small enough to walk from one end to the other within 10… Continue reading