Goose Portrait

Lately, most of the portraits that I have shot have been people. In high profile photography people often seek models with long necks, unique traits, and radiant personalities. I think this goose posses… Continue reading

Can you believe it? A Hummingbird Caught on Camera!

This summer everyone in our house has been buzzing over all of the wildlife near that lives in the nearby forest. With the hopes of attracting many birds we set out many different… Continue reading

Mountain Landscapes

I feel so fortunate to live so close to one of the most beautiful mountain ranges. I am grateful to have the ability leave for a day drive the highway through the mountains… Continue reading

Irish Wolf Hound

The past year and a half I have lived away from home and it has been a big change from having a dog, parrots, and many other animals. I am a huge animal… Continue reading

Lynn Valley

Throughout British Columbia there are many suspension bridges. Some of the bridges are free to walk across and some cost way to much. The first one that often comes to mind in the… Continue reading

Grandville Bird Sanctuary

This weekend I tagged along on a work trip with my love to Vancouver. Who could say no to a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Canada? I spent everyday adventuring… Continue reading

Amazing Alberta Clouds

In Alberta we are known for our plains and never ending skies. I am grateful to live in such a place. We really are blessed with amazing cloud features and unbelievably saturated sky-scapes.… Continue reading


One of the many things that is wonderful about photography is that you can take a fast moving object or scene and freeze it.  Capturing a moment in time is what photography is… Continue reading

Alberta Floods

If you haven’t heard yet there has been some tragic flooding throughout southern Alberta. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since we have gotten so much rain lately. I think it’s… Continue reading

Dramatic Alberta Skies

Since getting our company Wildlife & Weddings going I have been very focused on work that I have not been taking much time to myself. I decided it was time to take a… Continue reading

White Crowned Sparrow

This is the friend I was talking about yesterday! (Click here to see what “friend” I was talking about) It took us a little bit of digging to figure out that the American… Continue reading

American Tree Sparrow

This is an American Tree Sparrow.  The sparrow only passes by Edmonton on it’s migration route. These guys are one of our new ground foraging friends. At the time that I took these photos we… Continue reading


I love to photograph insects and although all insects are difficult to take pictures of, butterflies give me the most difficulty. Last year every single picture I got they were resting on a… Continue reading

18th Birthday

The 18th birthday is very important milestone in life. Filipino’s don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate this exciting time in life. They don’t celebrate the same way that most Canadians do, which is to get… Continue reading

Camo Frog

Now that all of the snow has melted (hooray!!) our bird watching area has turned into a marsh. This has lead to an abundance of new birds, insects, and frogs…lots of frogs.  While we silently… Continue reading