I am trying out some new photography perspectives and editing techniques. I stayed up a little bit late playing around with this image. I am pleased with the result! The rusty bridge rail was a… Continue reading

Suspended in time

With crystal blue skies, hot  hot heat, and beautiful desert land we ventured across the Rosedale suspension bridge that is 9 KM outside of Drumheller. I have always wanted to go across a rickety… Continue reading

Alberta farmland

On our way to Drumheller we passed through gorgeous valleys and fields of rolling hills. I was astonished that Alberta could be so beautiful. Endless farmland with frolicking cows was all the eye could… Continue reading

Funny situations

Drumheller was amazing! Zac and I took off for the long weekend. We went camping at a site near Drumheller. Even though we both were sick as dogs, it was an amazing trip!… Continue reading

St.Joseph’s Basilica

Someone has requested to see some more photos of the St.Josephs Basillica. Here they are! Instead of doing a bunch of posts with one photos each I just decided to pop a couple… Continue reading

Fancy Swan

This was the first wild swan I had ever seen in my life! Although it looks like he is just sitting and waiting for his portrait to be snapped. It was multiple triggers… Continue reading

Blast to Winter

So you’re sitting at home in your +30°C weather? Amazing. I am too! But as I went on a trek through my tons of old photos, I came across this one. The day… Continue reading

Gorgeous Geraniums

In nature pink is such a wonderful color! It contrast so well with green. It always looks so stunning. I love that the flower has quite a bit of damage on it but… Continue reading

Shadow Girl

I’ve been ghosting, I’ve been ghosting along. Ghost in your house, ghost in your arms. mothermother« While I sat listening to Mother Mother blasted and still being pumped up from seeing them live… Continue reading

Zoo Zebra

Taking photos at a zoo is almost like cheating wildlife photography. Just because it’s cheating doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it! Getting this photo does sort of require me to be in the… Continue reading

Firework Frenzy

Here is Zac, some of his family, and I. This a little second part to the fireworks expedition. I set the timer and jumped in. This photo was taken literally seconds after the… Continue reading

Capital Ex Fireworks

Fireworks, in my opinion, are one of the most difficult thing to photograph, if your camera doesn’t have a firework setting. On saturday night I got a very exciting opportunity. My boyfriends uncle… Continue reading

Prayer Candles

St Josephs basilica is a beautiful church on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton. Since it is within Edmonton’s downtown they normally have the doors locked, shut and a security guarded. This church has a nunnery, a beautiful garden, and is… Continue reading

Little Flower

Walking around Goldstream park there is tons of new growth. As much as I love large blooming flowers and ancient tress there is something very special about new growth, especially in an old… Continue reading


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