Mount Robson

Mt.Robson is the largest mountain in Rocky Mountain range. Unfortunately while we were here the peak was to high in the clouds for us to see it. But the looming effect of the clouds… Continue reading

Purple Urchin

Yay Urchins! After spending a morning at Botanical Bay at Port Renfrew I can officially say that Purple Spiky Urchins are my absolute favorite. I love their colors, it is as though they… Continue reading

Beach Fog

Here is part two of my previous post. It is the complete opposite side of the beach. It was really cool because on one side it was so sunny and happy and then… Continue reading

Essential Elements

I love when  flickers of sun get in a photo! It makes the shot so dreamy and peaceful. This was also my first chance getting to play around with a nice wide-angle lens.… Continue reading

Couple on the beach

I am a portrait photographer at heart. So when I see a beautiful moment, whether or not I know the person, I take a photo. Most often it is without their knowledge, occasionally… Continue reading

Amethyst flower

We had just gone for a hike in Goldstream park. Up to the top of a “mountain” and across a giant and high train bridge. Have you ever seen the movie Stand By Me?… Continue reading

Serene Birds

This photo is a second part to my photo titled “B.C. Mountains”. It is at the exact same beach. I am just a bit more to the left. It was really cool here… Continue reading

Tiny cave droplets

I love taking photos of droplets of water. They always look so cool and you never know where they actually are. It could be my bathtub or it could be a tiny cave… Continue reading

Techno Band

Normally this blog will be all photos.  Zac and I were bored, so we started a new band.  I had to share our first video with you!

Celebrate Hot Weather

Holy Guacamole is it ever hot in Edmonton today! These fireworks are to celebrate the hot weather we have all been begging for (although they are actually from Canada Day) I hope your… Continue reading

Black and White Lily Pads

My first time seeing a lily pad was about a week ago, honestly. They are so pretty and I had to take a cliché photo. These lilies are in a pond outside of… Continue reading

Crazy Tent Caterpillars

As you know, I think bugs are awesome. To my happy surprise we found a cluster of Tent caterpillars hanging out on the side of a bridge on our way through the rainforest. Apparently there… Continue reading

Kona at the Waterfall

British Columbia is beautiful at every corner you turn. I am bound and determined to live in Victoria someday, hopefully soon.  If you have never been there before, you absolutely need to go.… Continue reading

Seal Feeding

Instead of your typical fireworks photos from Canada day, I decided to take pictures of a seal! We wandered around Fisherman’s Wharf while we were waiting for our fireworks celebration to begin. This… Continue reading

Tree of life

  All of the trees in victoria are much larger than anything I have ever seen. You can feel the extra amount of oxygen in the air. This tree was reflected perfectly in the… Continue reading